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Milan T2


The Milan quilt is made with a composition of different fabrics arranged in horizontal bands. The first fabric is a weft with square linear reliefs on a light background, while the other two fabrics are solid colours, dark brown and hazel respectively. All the processing requires a lot of attention both in the drawing composition phase and in the manual quilting phase. It’s possible to order this quilt in different variations as shown below.


The cushions with the same fabric and other hazel-coloured components as shown in the photos are present and can also be purchased separately.


  • Cushions: Milan (A4; A5; A11 Nocciola; A11 Noce; A10 Nocciola; A11 Noce)

    Flat Sheets: Dream (L3); Sand (L5)


we can also make our creations with customizations and made to measure WITH NO EXTRA COSTS. are you interested in having more information?

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