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All our products are made in our artisan workshop. It starts with the cutting of fabrics that are started by hand. For this operation, any components for products to be made to measure or models that require a composition of fabrics with different dimensions are considered. Subsequently, as regards the quilts, the lower fabric, the padding material and the upper fabric are arranged by hand on a frame and then proceed with the quilting of the layers. This phase is essential to have a very high quality result. It is necessary to take care of the aspect of the tension of the fabric and of the various components in order to obtain a well-padded product, with a good consistency so as not to yield over time and always have an impeccable appearance. Once the quilting is finished, proceed to remove everything from the frame and then move on to the finishing phase in which the edges are sewn to close the ends. Even in this phase, manual skill is essential as the closure does not take place by means of a "beading" machine, that is a machine that applies a fabric band to the ends of the quilt, but the closure is done manually, proceeding to sew centimeter by centimeter edge. We then move on to quality control to eliminate any cotton threads from the processing and then proceed to pack the quilt.


our creations take shape from the experience of our artisans

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