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Payment Methods

To purchase our products using our website, you can pay by following the order check out procedure. Credit cards and prepaid cards of the most popular circuits are accepted. This allows us to start processing the goods in the shortest possible time.

However, it is possible to pay in Euros by bank transfer by selecting the "Manual Payment" method and following the instructions given. In this case, however, the order is considered concluded when the amount of the order is credited to the bank account of DOMUS Srl From that moment in fact the production of the ordered items will be started. To speed up the process, it is advisable to indicate the order number and the name of the customer in the transfer subject. It is also suggested to send the receipt of the bank transfer to our email address  .

Once payment is received, we will send the commercial invoice indicating the items purchased, customer name and all the requested information.

For any doubts or to request information, we are always available to provide clarification by contacting us at the addresses listed below at the end of the page.

Bank Transfer
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