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We believe that the beauty of our creations deserves to be contained in suitable cases, which stand out from the others and which convey the value of the products inside them. Depending on the purchase, there will be different sizes and designs, but all with the same goal: to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for the end customer.


For this reason, we have paid particular attention to the study of packaging design. We have taken care of all the details, with particular attention to the environment and providing scrupulous labeling to state all the information relating to the technical specifications of the products' materials and the information relating to their treatment.


We have decided not to use any type of plastic, unlike many other linen manufacturers. All our packaging is entirely made up of rigid cardboard elements specially designed to better protect our products as well as to attract the attention of customers within the stores.


In order to preserve the packaging during transport, we have provided an additional cover to minimize the risk of damage.

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