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Once the production process is finished, quality control e  packaging, the goods are prepared to be shipped via an express courier. Whenever possible, we will send a tracking link with which you can view the status of the shipment.

Within the European territory we entrust the management of our shipments to  Eurosender who takes care of all aspects of the handling of goods ensuring the best outcome. This company selects the best express couriers  based on the destination of the goods and provides insurance in case of damage or loss of the goods.

For shipments to countries outside the European Union, please see the dedicated page ( Extra-EU Customers ).


All our products are handcrafted  once the order is received from the customer.  We always try to complete all production processes as quickly as possible and in any case within 30 days.

However, sometimes it is possible that processing and delivery times may be longer depending on the quantities ordered, delays in receiving raw materials or other factors beyond the control of DOMUS Srl.

In this case it will be our pleasure to send a communication to the customer as soon as possible indicating the estimated production and delivery times of the products ordered. We therefore want to take care of the relationship with customers in the best possible way.  However, we are always available to provide information and assistance should the customer encounter problems in order to promptly resolve them.

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